Why GI

Why choose Green Inova?

As "Global Warming" and "Lowering CO2 Emission" become more and more familiar terms around the world, GI's commitment to provide Energy Saving Solutions is as solid as ever. We are positioned to speed to market application the best energy saving products.

GI exists to increase our customers' energy efficiency and dramatically reduce their electricity costs. We believe that if we help our customers become successful, we will in turn be successful. We accomplish this through a suite of innovative, rigorously tested, award-winning and reliable technology designed to reduce your true energy costs without compromising quality. 

Quality Control
GI QC policy undergo strict quality testing that assures excellent functioning and effectiveness, it is our mission to protect our customers from unpleasant surprises when in receipt of goods, feel rest assured to expand business quickly. The customer's demand for quality is ascending day by day. We have adhered to the concept of quality and implemented the industry standards strictly .

Full Service Customer Focused
●.Top most durable materials and components
●.Rigorously tested
●.DLC approved
●.100% products UL/CUL/ETL/CETL/DLC listed
●.TOP 5 years warranty
●.Free of charges on shipping back and forward of defective products.

Focused on you
●.Full design service
●.Local US warehouse support
●.Industry leading lead-times
●.Knowledgeable Customer Service
●.Our professional service before and after sales

Sales concept
Develop social and professional relationship, responsible management and customer service which exceeds customer expectations for timeliness, precision and attention to detail.

Sustainable environment for future generations
All products fully satisfy the needs of the greener, more sustainable environments and societies around the world