5th Gen. LED Retrofit Kits

5th Gen. LED Retrofit Kits

GI has announced a new 100 -1,000W-equivalent LED retrofit with new thermal management--Cold-forging PIN heatsink. Significantly improving the lumen output.

Patented and high end construction design:
1. Cold-forging technology PIN heatsink (VS. others' dia casting heatsink)
2. Material of heatsink: high quality Pure Aluminum (VS. others' Aluminum Alloy)
3. Heat conductivity of heatsink:  237 W/m.K (2.4 times higher than others' die casting)
4. Heat radiating area: Typically 20% larger than others( but with smaller size)
5. Weight: 30% lighter, less burden, more durable for mounting, new safety level.

New level of electronic design:
1. LEDs: latest Nichia 140lm/w LM80 chip
2. Light efficiency: 115-135LM/W (System), significantly improved
3. In order to make the color more consistent, we always use the exact same bin for all the lights in a single project. We finer tune the binning.
4. We use real Mean Well drivers only. One of our subsidiary corporations is a distributor of Mean Well driver
5. PCB boards: UL and high quality PCB boards only (never use cheap boards)
6. Protection Circuit: Advanced circuit design, short circuit/ over current /over voltage.

Certificates & Patents:
1. All retrofits are ETL listed, including different wattages and voltages. As one of the LED companies who have the most DLC listings, GI has nearly 300 listings now and more to come.
2. Patent NO's of GI's 4th Gen. retrofits: ZL201430461155.6, ZL201530029682.4, ZL 201530029456.6,ZL 201520081094.X  

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