• 1.How are your LED lighting products different from other factory's lighting products?

    ●.We have full ranges of certificates for our lights: 1,000+ UL/CUL items, 640+ DLC items, 1,000+ETL/cETL items, 40+ CE items, 40+ ROHS items, 20+ SAA items, and many more certificates are coming. ●.We have got 6 appearance patents, and 5 utility patents. ●.GI has Strong capability in innovation, with more than 20 talented and experienced engineers. Some of them have been working in LED industry for more than 8 years. ●.Top quality is our priority. We take great pride in the quality of our products, from design, raw materials, production, testing, packaging etc. Please refer to the customer feedbacks in “company information” webpage.

  • 2.How many employees are there in your factory?

    We have 150 employees now, and growing fast.

  • 3.What is the average delivery time for your products?

    We have standard products in US warehouse and Shenzhen warehouse. If requested products are in stock (please contact GI), they can be shipped in one day. If not, rush times range 2 – 13 days, normal times range from 5 – 20 days.

  • 4.What kind of payment terms do you accept?

    We can accept T/T.

  • 5.Do you have LM 79 and LM 80 reports for your lights?

    GI has LM 79 data for most of the high wattage lights that it offers. All of these reports are independently verified at the labs of independent testing company. All of the LEDs that we use have extensive LM 80 data that is verified independently. We furnish this data to all of our customers. You may also download these reports in “Support” webpage.

  • 6.How long do you test your products?

    We simulate a heightened ambient temperature by making use of an environmental chamber. As well as the design process, GI puts all of its lights through a 24-hour burn-in test.

  • 7.What is important in regards to color consistency?

    To make the color more consistent, we use the exact same bin for all the lights in a single project. GI will finer tune the binning that the LED manufacturer has performed. We have strong relationship with CREE/OSRAM and other LED chip suppliers, and can fine-tune the final color output. In most instances, we have guaranteed a color matching of less than 25 degrees Kelvin.

  • 8.What is the warranty of your LED lights?

    For outdoor LED lights we provide 6 years warranty, and an optional 10 year limited warranty. For LED indoor lights, we provide 3 years warranty.

  • 9.Can you supply OEM/ODM service?

    Yes we can supply OEM and ODM service. We are happy to design new products with our clients.

  • 10.How to guarantee an efficient after-sales service?

    We have US warehouse & service center in California. This allows shipping orders to US and Canadian clients in one day, fast response to technical support and repair. Customers will no longer need to ship to defective items back to china.

  • 11.Shipping Damage

    All damage and missing items must be reported to GI within 48 hours of delivery, otherwise no claims will be approved. Please inspect all packages prior to signing for them. If any damage is visible, please refuse the package then the package will be back to us, we will prepare new products for you.

  • 12.About GI QC

    GI QC policy undergo strict quality testing that assures excellent functioning and effectiveness, it is our mission to protect our customers from unpleasant surprises when in receipt of goods, feel rest assured to expand business quickly. The customer's demand for quality is ascending day by day. We have adhered to the concept of quality and implemented the industry standards strictly. We understand "QUALITY IS OUR PRIORITY". Our staff keeps this conception as their duty. Every production procession is made according to ISO9001 Quality Certification and ISO14001 Environment Management System. What's more, each operator must be well trained before entering workshop. All raw materials are inspected by IQC and each production line is controlled by 2 QC. We put all of the lights through a 24-hour burn-in test. The quality control team and engineering team check and test raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products by different kinds of instruments carefully all the time. GI has experienced engineers in power-research, structure-design, optics-design and heat-dispersion, make our R&D Department powerful and creative and ensure our products with high quality.

  • 13.What are the benefits of led lights over traditional MH/HPS lights?

    ●.Lower energy consumption ●.Longer service life; LED bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours ●.Durability; LED bulbs are resistant to thermal, vibrating shocks and turn on instantly from -40°C to 185°C, making them ideal for applications subject to frequent on-off cycling ●.Flexibility; LEDs allow for directional distribution of light ●.No infrared or ultraviolet radiation – UV light attracts bugs ●.No toxic chemicals; LEDs contain no mercury and do not require ballasts, which are often manufactured with PCBs ●.Very low heat generation; LEDs are can reduce climate control costs and are especially suited for cold storage facilities ●.No frequency interference; no ballast to interfere with radio and television signals ●.Wide range of color; LEDs can be manufactured to produce all colors of the spectrum without filters as well as white light in a variety of color temperatures

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